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Energy Efficient Pumps


Also known as variable speed (VS) pumps. VS pumps can bring huge savings in running costs due to their permanent magnet motor and its ability to efficiently pump water at very low flow rates. For a more detailed technical explanation please click here. Hayward’s range of energy efficient pumps are world leaders and include the only 10 star energy rated pump on the market.

TriStarVS-hr (1).jpg

TriStar® VS

Achieve up to 90% energy cost savings with

Australia's only 10 star energy rated pump.

The TriStar® VS provides customisable

speed, duration and priming time to match

the needs of your pool.


MaxFlo™ VS

Where most VS pumps are oversized for the

average backyard pool, the MaxFlo™ VS has

been designed to fit where others won't. It's

8 star energy rating sees huge running

cost savings,and it enjoys all the

programmable features of the TriStar® VS.

Hayward MaxFlo VS variable speed pool pump


Super VS®

Adapting variable speed technology to

Hayward's tried and true Super pump

combines technological efficieny with

absolute dependability. This 8 star energy rated

pump is suitable for backyard pools

up to 60,000 litres.




Single Speed Pumps


Hayward has a pump for all occasions – whether it be filtration, solar, infloor cleaning, water features and more. With a reputation for reliability, the right Hayward pump offers years of durable performance.


Hayward Tristar pool pump


This 2 hoprsepower pump offers

heavy duty high performance.

With its high flow rates it's

perfect for applications such as

infloor cleaning, spa jets or on large pool

where high water turnove is required.

Super II®

With models from 0.75 to 2 horsepower,

there is a Super II for every application.

Efficient full-flow hydraulics and an extra large

2.95L leaf basket mean this is the pump that

just keeps on going.


Super II pool pump
Hayward Powerflo II pool pump

PowerFlo II™

With 4 models to choose from, the Powerflo II

is ideal for above ground pools, smaller

inground pools and solar applications.

It's compact footprint makes it an excellent

option when space is limited.


With it's basic design largely unchanged since

this pump was first manufactured in the 1970's,

the Super pump is summed up in 3 words -

Efficient, Dependable and Proven.

Available in 1 and 1.5 horsepower and suitable

for most backyard applications.

Hayward Super pool pump



Robotic Cleaners


Make cleaning your pool from top to bottom easy – with a robot! Cleaning the floor, walls and scrubbing the waterline are all in a day’s work for Hayward robotic cleaners. Running independently from the filtration system makes them the perfect partner with variable speed pumps.


Aquavac 600

With revolutionary Hydrocyclonic suction, the Aquavac 600 stands poised to change robotic cleaners forever. Coming in 2019.



Hayward Tigershark QC robotic pool cleaner

TigerShark® QC

Known as the workhorse of the industry,

the TigerShark is the cleaner that keeps

on going. Their inbuilt cartridges will also

filter the water giving your pool

that sparkling finish.



Suction Cleaners


Using your existing filtration system means suction cleaners are always on the job. Hayward suction cleaners are unique with their turbine driven cleaning giving silent operation – no pulsating hoses or ‘thump-thump’ noise making for a serene pool environment.


Hayward Aquanaut pool cleaner

Aquanaut® 250

With self-adjusting turbine vanes, the Aquanaut is the best suction cleaner we've found for handling larger leaves - particularly gum leaves, which are a big factor in our local customers' pool management.

Aquanaut® 450

Made for particularly deep pools, the additional two wheels at the rear of the 450 give it the added 'oomph' needed to climb steep pool walls.

Hayward Aquanaut 450 Pool Cleaner
Hayward Navigator Pro Pool Cleaner

Navigator® Pro

Handles dirt, dust and small leaves with ease. Its SmartDrive® programmed steering ensures virtually all pools are cleaned in 3-4 hours.





With the highest pressure ratings of any filters on the market, an investment in a Hayward sand or cartridge filter means years of trouble free operation.

Hayward Swimclear cartridge filter

SwimClear® Single Cartridge

The hydraulic efficiency of this filter reduces head loss, meaning lower water flow rates can be used without jeopordising water turnover. This means they are a great match for variable speed pumps. The Easy-Lok™ locking ring allows the filter to seal without over-tightening, making it easy to access for cleaning and maintenance. Available in 100, 150 and 200 ft² models.

SwimClear® Quad Cartridge

With a cluster of 4 cartridges and coming in two sizes - 330 or 530 ft² - the SwimClear® Quad filter offers extra-long filter cycles and can go up to an entire season without cleaning. Made from a glass reinforced copolymer, these tanks are virtually indestructible.
Hayward Swimclear quad cartridge filter
Hayward Pro series sand filter

ProSeries™ Sand

With some of the highest pressure ratings for pool filters, Hayward sand filters are built to last. With a range going up to 36", ProSeries filters can be matched to any pool type and size, and will provide years of trouble free filtration.



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