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Spa Electrics Pool Lights are simply the very best underwater lighting systems you can buy.

With over 35 years of experience, Spa Electrics pride themselves on providing the highest quality underwater Pool Lights.

Although made famous during the halogen era, Spa Electrics quickly embraced the new LED technologies available to manufacture an exciting new multi-coloured range of underwater lighting systems for Pools and Spas.


Buy & Fit Pool Shop currently stocks the Photon GK retro range, which easily replaces most brands existing pool lights.


Photon GK Series


A surface mounting light that is available to suit Concrete, Fibreglass and Vinyl Pools and Spas.


Surface mounted lights were the norm in Australia for many years. The good news is that a Photon GK Series Pool Light can replace most older Halogen surface mounted pool lights so that your pools lighting system is energy efficient and cheaper to operate.


The LED light engine is rated for more than 50,000hrs of operation.


88% Power savings over traditional halogen lights.


Patented electrical connections to prevent ingress of water.


Designed to maximise convection water cooling.


Choice of rim colours, clear, white, grey or black.


Retrofit models are available in multi-voltage to suit 12V, 24V and 32V older style transformers.



Spa Electrics Photon GK pool light

The Photon GK retro kit can

directly replace:

Older Spa Electrics




Autumn Solar







View the range of Photon GK retro kits here.


Great Quality Matched With Great Value