Solar Pool Blankets



A properly fitted Solar Pool Blanket will result in a pool that is significantly warmer to swim in, which will maximise the ability of Solar Pool Heating to keep your pool at the desired temperature.

They also reduce evaporation by up to 97%, which not only saves water but also heat as evaporating water requires vast amounts of energy.

If you don’t have a pool cover then evaporation and radiation will see a vast amount of heating energy wasted.

At night a solar pool blanket will retain the heat in your swimming pool. This means that when the solar pool heating system switches on in the morning, your pool will reach your desired temperature much quicker and give you more time in the pool.



Solar pool blankets are translucent polyethylene, allowing the maximum amount of solar absorption to pass through the blanket and heat the water. They range from 200 to 500 micron thick – the thicker the cover, the better the heat retention.



We measure and cut Solar Pool Blankets to fit your pool precisely, and when connected to a 5 star anodised aluminium roller look great and are easy to remove when you want to use the pool.





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