Pool Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts


Pool Water Balance Do’s and Don’ts


Do test the swimming pool water for Free Chlorine and pH on a daily basis during the swimming season and periodically during the non swimming season.

Free Chlorine level should be maintained between 1.0ppm and 3.0ppm.

See your pool professional for specific advice on recommended pH for your pool type.


Do test the swimming pool water for Chlorine Stabiliser (Cyanuric Acid) levels once per month during the swimming season. Only continue to test Chlorine Stabiliser levels during the non swimming season if you live in a sunny climate. Recommended Levels 40ppm to 80ppm.


Do test the Pools Total Alkalinity level once per month year round and adjust to recommendations.


Do test the Pools Calcium Hardness level once per month year round and adjust to recommendations


Do test the Pools Salinity level once per month if a salt chlorinator is installed and adjust to recommendations.


Do obtain pool water samples away from pool returns and at a depth of 30cm in a clean washed out container.


Do consult your local pool professional for advice and to confirm your own pool test results.


Do wear protective goggles and gloves when dispensing pool chemicals.


Do mix chemicals in a bucket of pool water to dilute before adding to the pool and always when the pump is operating to mix.


Don’t provide children, pets or unauthorised persons to come into contact with pool chemicals.


Don’t add water into acid (Always add acid into water to dilute).


Don’t allow pool chemicals to settle on pool floor without brushing to dissolve. (Exceptions do exist, but always seek a pool professionals advice).

General Pool Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts


Do inspect and clean Pool skimmer and pool pump baskets regularly to ensure good water flow.


Do backwash and rinse pool sand filters when pressure rises into cleaning range.


Do remove and clean pool cartridge elements when pressure rises into cleaning range.


Do ensure the pool pump operates long enough each day so that the water is turned over at least twice per day through the pool filter and that the time period is long enough for the salt chlorinator to manufacture enough chlorine to meet the pools chlorine demand. Normally this equates to 8hrs per day.


Do regularly check your pool water level is high enough. A solar pool blanket is recommended to prevent evaporation. Use a tap timer to avoid overfilling.


Do ensure pool equipment and automatic pool water management systems are maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


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